Monday, September 05, 2011

Six months

Penny has accomplished so much this month! She has started to crawl, is starting to sit up, and is eating a big variety of foods!

This month, we got into all kinds of vegetables, fruits, rice crackers, and puffs. She's really good at holding things, and often when we're feeding her she tries to grab the spoon or hold the bottle herself.

She's totally on the move now! She went from scooting and rolling to really moving several feet in one direction, crawling. Big girl!

She's also noticing everything around her. She pays attention to anything and everything, and has taken a special interest in Buster. She's grabbed him a few times, and he's attempted to give her kisses more than once. :-) She also totally notices if you have a bottle nearby, so we have to be a little stealthy about it to make sure she eats plenty of food, too!

Six month stats: 25 inches, 16 pounds 0.5 ounces

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