Thursday, February 26, 2009

37. Invitations

One thing I knew I wanted to do myself was the invitations. I didn't go overboard with detail and artistic flair, but I tried to make them simple, but unique. I used Adobe Illustrator to design a circle logo with our wedding date on it, and used it with a polka dot ribbon at the top. Then I found a great script font for our names and a simple font for the information.

I designed our RSVP's, too! They are postcards (cute and saves on postage, too). For those, I designed a simple scroll frame logo, with our names in the same script font as the invites.

I think the coolest thing about making our invitations has been seeing the RSVP's come in the mail. Kind of neat to think that my artwork is making its way through the postal system to me from all over the country!

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The Thrill said...

Again, well done! You really did a wonderful job here. Like our baby shower invitations earlier, you have a knack for these things.