Friday, February 20, 2009

43. Where it all started...

I guess if I am going to start on a new path with this blog, I should begin at the beginning. The proposal.

It was August 1, 2008. We were in Baton Rouge for the weekend. Cory's parents had just bought some land in southern Mississippi, and we went there for the day to see it. It was really quiet, kind of in the middle of nowhere, and very relaxing. We walked around the property, went fishing for awhile (Cory almost caught one, but that was the closest we got), and then went to dinner with his parents before heading back to the city for the night.

We had talked about going to our favorite bar in Baton Rouge, the Chimes, for a few drinks when we got back, but I was starting to get tired and took out my contacts. I was sitting at the bar in the kitchen, picking at some leftover fried chicken from dinner. Cory, on the other hand, wasn't tired at all! He wanted to know if I still wanted to go out, but I didn't really feel like it after our long day. Then, he told me, "I think we should go out and celebrate." My immediate reaction was, "Celebrate what?"

At that point, he got down on one knee, and pulled out the ring!

As you might guess, I really wasn't so tired anymore after that. I said "Of course!", and put the ring on my finger, and it fit perfectly! He picked it out himself, and had told no one until proposed, and it is such a beautiful ring. I love looking at it still because it reminds me of that day and all the effort he put into finding the perfect ring and surprising me.

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The Thrill said...

I have to say that no one indeed knew anything. I am just happy as hell that he did it.