Monday, October 17, 2011

Brain dump

Oh my gosh! Where does the time go. It has been really rare for me to have a free night anymore. I have really gotten lax on the blogging. I really want to keep a good record of these years, though, so I ought to get to it!

- Cory and I are still on the kickball team. We have a game this Wednesday, but the low that night is going to be in the 30s. Yikes!

- Speaking of kickball, I have been super accident prone lately. Injured my finger at practice, have a huge bruise on my leg (have no idea where that came from), and cut myself with a safety pumpkin carving knife! I need to be more careful, for real.

- I haven't posted Penny's seven month blog yet, but I'm working on it. She is growing so fast!

- Cory and I upgraded to the iPhone 4S last week, and I love it. It's a real breath of fresh air from the slow 3G phone I used to have. I find myself checking Facebook on it and then wondering what I can do with my spare time when I'm done, because it's so much faster!

- I'm working my way through reading the Song of Ice and Fire books. I just started the latest one today. I can't wait to finally talk about them with people! Although I find that they're long enough I have forgotten a few details from the earlier books already.

I'm not ready for it to get cold yet. I find myself looking out the window at work, being sad I'm missing the last few warm days outside. Enjoy them while you can!


Cree said...

How was the 4th book in the series? I'm a couple hundred pages into it, but I ended up stopping. I read the first three so fast that I really felt like I needed a break.

Glad you blogged. been missing it!

Stephanie said...

Book four seemed slower than book three - it's more like the aftermath of the third book (which seemed action packed to me). Book three is my favorite so far, for sure. Still good enough to keep going, though!