Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Seven months

Penny has been up to so much in the past month! It's official: she can't be stopped. She's crawling all over the place, even out of the room! Whenever she gets a chance, she stops to try to chew on something (the rug, Buster, our feet, a TV tray) or pull up on something. She can pull herself to a standing position now. Look out!

Eating continues to go well, and she's trying a few new foods every time we make a batch of food for her. I've even started giving her tiny mushed up bites of other foods we eat that I don't make just for her (like chicken or potatoes).

She's right at the end of 6 month clothing, and ready to start getting into some 9 month sizes! She's still happy all the time, and her little two-tooth grin always makes us smile.

She's now closer to a year than her birth day! Big girl!

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