Thursday, March 01, 2012

Eight months

Penny is moving right along!

We made a trip to Louisiana for her cousin Steve's birthday, and she even snuck in one time standing up without help! She's so close to trying to walk - we think it will be soon. At the birthday party, she got to try playing in an inflatable bounce house - less fun when you're crawling, but she seemed to enjoy it enough. (It was just her and mommy in there.) We also had our first trip to the zoo!

She and her daddy are best friends. I love them so much!

She's really mastered pulling up, and stands up (holding on) whenever she gets the chance. She loves to explore and get into things.

She's eating well, and we're trying to give her gradually chunkier foods and work more with picking up things to eat, like puffs. She likes them now! We're also letting her practice with a sippy cup.

This month was Penny's first Halloween! She was a strawberry. We went to our church's Halloween party and also visited our friend Shanna for her neighborhood block party!

We love you Penny! Happy eight months!

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