Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lara's birthday cupcakes

I've done some baking here and there on the side for people. It's really fun and sometimes brings me a little pocket money. I haven't started the baking gig back up yet since having Penny, but I thought I'd try to rustle up something for my friend's birthday. Her favorite is yellow cake with chocolate icing, so to make it easy on myself I thought I'd do a box cake with custom decorations.

I had some candy melts (like the kind you get at the craft store), basically like white chocolate. I melted them down in the microwave, poured the melted mixture into a squeeze bottle, and drew cursive L's on waxed paper. I let them set overnight, and the next day baked up the cupcakes. Once the cupcakes were cooled and iced, I decorated each one with some sprinkles and perched an L on the top. The finished product got a little melty and messy on the way to the party, but they still turned out pretty cute!

Happy birthday, Lara!


Cree said...

and they were pretty darn tasty!

Edward and Lara said...

they were so good! I think we finished off the last one today. The icing was delish.. it was almost like pudding. How did you make it?

Stephanie said...

The icing was just the regular Betty Crocker chocolate! It's so yummy.