Friday, May 20, 2011

One month

Penny's first month came with a steep learning curve. The first few days were blissed out, a blur of cuddling, visiting, feeding, and changing. She was so little, so she really swam in most newborn clothes. It was cold in March, so we kept her in sleep n' plays mostly (like footie pajamas). Her coming home outfit was one that I bought her, a white pajama with shamrocks on it, since she was due on St. Patrick's Day. We are so lucky that Penny has an older cousin, though - she already had a huge wardrobe to choose from!

Cory's parents (her MawMaw and PawPaw) came up for the birth, and her MawMaw stayed with us for a week! It was so nice having her here, and she got lots of quality time in with the baby. The second week, my mom (her Nonie) came every week day and helped clean, cook, and take care of Penny. She wasn't short on attention, for sure! Cory and I are so lucky to have great parents and so much help.

She has been sleeping in her crib since the first night she came home, so we wouldn't have to transition her into it. During the day, though, she napped wherever was convenient, like her swing or the pack n' play. She was always pretty happy and calm, unless she was hungry. Although it turns out, she was hungrier than we thought. At her two week appointment, she was still down 12 ounces from her birth weight. At four weeks, she was still 6 ounces under birth weight, so we started adding in some formula, and she instantly started sleeping better.

Toward the end of March, we made our first road trip as a new family! We went to Louisiana to see Cory's family, and go to our friend Adrian's wedding (Cory was a groomsman). She did wonderfully in the car, and MawMaw babysat her for us two nights in a row! The rehearsal dinner and wedding were so much fun, and it was really great to introduce Penny to everyone. She also came with us to Cory's cousin's birthday party, and to his grandparents' house. She is a great little traveler.

Here she is with my Nana and Papa:

One month old!

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