Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Two months

Our second month with Penny was pretty eventful! Cory and I celebrated our second anniversary when she was just over a month old. That day was full of adventure - severe storms knocked out the power at our house and a great deal of the city, including the restaurant where we had planned to eat dinner. Everything ended up fine, though, and we did make it out to eat and celebrate. One of the most exciting things happened earlier that day; Penny rolled over for the first time! With no electricity, we decided to do a little tummy time, and she rolled from front to back. We were so proud and surprised. We thought it might be a fluke, but she did it several more times in the following weeks, so we just have a very active girl!

One of the best parts about this month was that Penny really started to gain weight and fill out this month. We had been taking her to the pediatrician every two weeks to monitor her progress, and by her two month checkup, she was up to nine pounds! We really started to get the feedings down, and lost our fear of formula, and she is getting the right combination to gain weight and still get the benefits of breastmilk. She started sleeping better, and we began to get into a better routine. She slept so well, she was only getting up once in the middle of the night! She had some baby acne, but it mostly cleared up by the time she turned two months.

Better sleeping habits made for a great transition back to work. I went back to work in the middle of April, and Cory started staying home with her. He has done so well with her, and it makes it so much easier on me to know Penny is with her daddy. It definitely takes teamwork and patience, and every day isn't perfect, but we are getting there. The hardest part is feeling like you never get a break, but I think it's that way with a baby no matter what the daytime arrangement is.

We took Penny to her first wedding, and she wore a dress that I wore when I was little. I'm so glad I thought to get a picture of her in it, even if it was at the end of the night!

We started to get some smiles this month, too! My sister took this great photo of Penny that we used on her birth announcement. She's about six weeks old here.

She also had her first Easter! She wore a dress and bonnet that Cory's Aunt Shiela gave her.

Two months old and growing fast!

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