Friday, August 12, 2011

Five months

Five months! Wow! Penny has started to do so many different things this month! For starters, she started to roll from back to front about a week after she turned four months. Now, she rolls so much she'll roll until she gets to the couch. :-) Bye bye, playmat - hello, queen size blankets!

Also, she has really started to take to the jumparoo. We keep it in the kitchen and she smiles and bounces while we cook dinner. Her feet can finally touch the floor so she's good to go!

We've been taking her for a couple of walks here and there. I think she really loves seeing the outdoors and looking around.

She's definitely teething. Still no teeth yet, but chewing on everything and everyone, including herself!

She's started scooting around. She's been pretty strong at this already, but now we can really see how close she is to crawling. Nonie estimates she is 99% there. :-) She just needs to coordinate arms and legs.

We started solid foods right at the end of this month. First try was green beans made by her mommy! She definitely likes veggies better than rice cereal. Her first veggie was at Nonie's house with me, Cory, Aunt Kimmie and Katie!

I still love her smiles in the mornings. Happy happy all the time!

She's also getting more flexible. Nom nom nom on baby toes.

We've started letting her play with Katie's activity table. Most of the time she needs help but sometimes she can stand and play solo!

Also, we are definitely done with pacifiers. I guess she's just going to suck her thumb like mommy did. Oh well, can't throw those on the floor, anyway!

Big girl in her five months old picture!

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Anonymous said...

Steph,I just love reading your post about Penny and how she is doing this and that. She is a very very happy baby. I love her smile, it always makes me smile. :)

We need to all get together soon . :)