Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Food Adventures

I tried a new food last night. Well, it isn't a new food in general, just one I haven't tried before. I've had Vietnamese food a couple of times with my knitting group, ad they always rave about one particular thing that I've always been afraid to try.


Well, last night I bit the bullet and tried it. We were at Pho Binh on Madison (highly recommend, by the way!), and I ordered the lemongrass tofu.

It's basically tofu that is cubed, fried, and tossed in seasoning and served with a side of rice. It was actually really good! It was crispy on the outside, and softer on the inside, and the main flavor was all the seasoning. Savory and a little salty and spicy. I ate until I was full, and there was a ton left over. Cory even tried a bit of the leftovers and approved.

Have you tried anything new lately? Any suggestions?

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The Thrill said...

I'm not even gonna lie, I wouldn't touch that stuff unless I heard someone I knew say it was okay. With that said, I would take a bite and go from there.