Friday, August 19, 2011

Long weekend in Baton Rouge

We spent a lovely long weekend in Louisiana last week. We hadn't been to visit Cory's family since Memorial Day weekend, so I took a few vacation days and we loaded up the car and hit the road. We drove down on a Thursday night so we would have the whole weekend ahead of us.

Friday morning, we woke up at our leisure and enjoyed the morning. We had lunch at home, and then I went out with Cory's mom and sister and Penny for a little shopping! We didn't go overboard, but we did take a picture since it was Penny's first trip to the mall. :-) We also went to Target and I picked up the ingredients to make Smitten Kitchen's icebox cake. Side note: the wafer cookies called for in the recipe have tiny bits of coconut which are only noticeable after the cookies soften. It doesn't bother me, but it does bother some people so I substituted the cookie part of Oreos.

We made it home in time to feed the baby and get everyone together to go out for dinner. We went to La Fonda's for Mexican food (a tradition). When we got home, we put Penny to bed and Cory's mom and I put together the cake, which involved taking apart a lot of Oreos. Some icing may have been consumed during the demolition - I'm not telling how much!

Saturday was another lazy morning. For lunch, we got sandwiches to go from a place called Fat Daddy's, which, it turns out, has an excellent muffaletta. Penny's cousin Steve came back from his dad's house and we spent the afternoon playing. Penny worked on her crawling skills and took a turn in the walker.

Saturday night was Cory's grandmother's birthday party at La Carreta, another Mexican restaurant and family favorite. We brought the icebox cake and it was a big hit! It was really great to see everyone. Penny wore a smocked bubble suit that Katie wore when she was littler.

After dinner Cory's parents brought Penny home so we could have a night out with friends (and I could have a daiquiri). We went to visit our friends Matt and Amanda, and Cory got to spend a little quality time with their crazy dog Rolo. He would bark and bark until Cory picked him up.

Sunday, I slept in and then Christy came over to play with Penny and go have a girls' lunch. We ate at BJ's, home of the Pazookie (a big, warm cookie in a skillet with ice cream scooped on top). It was delicious. We checked out the closing sale at Borders, where I picked up a book on making gelato and sorbet. Looking forward to trying that out! I met up with the family to have dinner at the Mellow Mushroom, and after that, plus dessert at Yogurtland, we called it a night.

Monday was the last full day in Louisiana. Cory and I brought Penny to Izzo's to meet Matt for lunch. On the way back to the house, we stopped at the Whole Foods in Baton Rouge. It's so much bigger than the one in Memphis, and it sells wine! Cory got some snack mix, and I picked up some baking chocolate, some pistachios (for the impending gelato, hopefully) and some wine. We carted it back to the house and didn't get out again that day. We grilled out for dinner - burgers, hot dogs, sausages, the works. We always eat well with family, whether it's mine or Cory's!

Tuesday, we woke up, loaded up the car, and hit the road. Penny was a little cranky at first, but slept most of the time. After a particularly long nap, she was her super happy self again. When we were almost home, we made a stop at Nonie's work to visit and see everyone.

All in all, it was a wonderful trip and we hope to go again really soon!

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