Thursday, August 11, 2011

Four months

This month has been such a wonderful month for us! Penny is growing so fast; I know I probably say that all the time but we are constantly reminded of it.

We got a real laugh out of her for the first time. I had gone on a business trip for four days and when Cory and Penny picked me up at the airport, I sat with her and played with her feet. She couldn't stop giggling! I love being able to make her smile and laugh.

We have started using more toys with her, now that she can grip things a little bit. She always wants to be standing up, so we're using the Jumperoo and the Johnny Jump Up. So far, she likes it, but I think she'll like it a lot more when she's just a bit taller.

We thought we had another major milestone under our belts - TEETH! She's a little early for it, though not abnormally so. One little white spot on either side of the top row. Poor thing has been a bit cranky here and there, but otherwise fine. Really drooly! But when we took her to the doctor for her four month checkup, we learned they are cysts! I had never heard of that but it's apparently common. He did say she is teething, but she doesn't have any teeth yet.

We did start her on baby rice cereal this month. She wasn't into it at first but does a lot better now that we have thickened it up a little and have a routine. Next month is baby food - I can't wait to start experimenting with that.

Official stats on four months: 12 lbs, 10 oz, 24.5 inches. Happy and healthy!

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