Friday, June 24, 2011

Cutting the cord?

Here's a quick one for Friday: we're thinking about getting rid of cable. Eeek!

It's so expensive, and there's so much available on the internets these days, that it really could be a great thing for us. I read a few personal finance blogs, and when people are trying to cut corners, the first thing to go (after the Starbucks habit, maybe) is cable/satellite TV. It'll save us over $100 a month. We'd keep our Netflix account and just watch everything else through the computer.

Have you kicked the habit or considered it? I'm weighing the pros and cons and interested to hear what other people have to say. We're always looking for good ways to stretch our budget.


Lindsey said...

we got rid of cable in january. no regrets. we didn't have netflix before, and have gotten it since, and that's been enough for us even with the only-streaming plan. we supplement with hulu, and don't feel like we're missing anything. we do get the local channels perfectly through an antenna. you're right--it's so expensive! nothing we miss is worth the over $50/month we were spending.

neither of us grew up with cable in our house though, so maybe that makes a difference.

Cree said...

That would be tough for me. I certainly think it's something we COULD do if we had to. With us not having kids though we have plenty of time to get our money's worth each month.

I think you guys could do it though. And like you said, you can watch anything with the internet these days!