Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Penny's first baseball game

Last Tuesday, 5/31, we took Penny to her first baseball game! My work invited all of us and our families to go to a Redbirds game, and I figured why not? It was at night, so we didn't have to worry about sun exposure, which helped a lot.

Penny was so well behaved, which was a miracle considering how hot it was (90s). Poor thing probably got a little dehydrated. She was sweaty for sure. We fed her more often than usual, and that kept her happy. We wore her to and from the game in the Snugli (like a Baby Bjorn), and had her on our laps the rest of the time. My biggest fear was looking out for foul balls, but we were fine! The Redbirds even won the game. We all had a great time (though I will never wear jeans to a game in that heat again)!


Cree said...

Dad and Uncle Jeff are gonna be determined to make Penny and Katie into baseball fans! Just make sure she roots for the Braves or Giants...or Cubs. No Cardinals!!!

Anonymous said...

Great post and I ditto Chris' post :)