Friday, June 10, 2011

Weekend at Nonie's

Penny and I had a great time at my mom's this past weekend. Cory and Jeff went with some buddies on a white water rafting trip, so Kim and I decided it would be a great weekend to stay at our mom's and have that garage sale we've been meaning to have. It was great to get rid of some things, make a little money, and spend quality time with the girls!

We started off Friday with the guys heading off on their trip and me heading off to work. Kim kindly took a vacation day to stay home with Katie and Penny. I know Penny had fun because Kim was sending me pictures, like this cute one above here. When I got off work, we got everyone in the car and headed south to Mom's house, Kim with the kids and me with the SUV full of stuff. I don't know who was more uncomfortable, Kim with two antsy kids, or me driving with a mattress on my shoulder! We made it, though, had a yummy dinner, and set about sorting, tagging, and setting up everything to sell the next day.

Bright and early the next morning (5:30!), we woke up and starting putting everything out on the driveway. We got quite the early crowd, since it was going to reach almost 100 degrees later that day. I had to run up and feed Penny around 8, and she made this lovely face as she fell asleep:

I crept back downstairs to help with the sale, but it didn't last long. Penny hung out with us most of the rest of that morning, but she slept and it wasn't too hot, since it was early. We sold quite a few things, which was great! We didn't sell this guy, though - too bad!

We cleaned up (it was so HOT outside, but we did it!) and I think it took all the energy out of us. By the time we finally got to eat dinner, it was about 9pm. After that, Kim and Katie headed back home, but not before Katie worked on a puzzle with us, and showed us how to eat an ice cream cone:

Penny and I slept over one more night at my mom's. I was greeted by this smiling face in the morning!

We had a lovely, relaxed day with Nonie, visiting, working on the puzzle, and I did a little knitting. It was nice to have the quality time together. We got home Sunday afternoon just in time to see Daddy! It was a great weekend!

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Edward and Lara said...

such sweet, sweet pictures!!