Thursday, March 08, 2007

American Idol: The Girls 3/7

Paula called the girls "a breath of fresh air." Well, there were a few stumbles, but it was still miles better than most of the boys. It will be very interesting to see who gets voted off out of this group. I think there are a couple of girls more vulnerable than the others.

Jordin Sparks - "Heartbreaker"
Jordin's young (17), and I think the songs she has been picking reflect that. This song is fun and full of energy, and I think it was really fun to watch, but lacking in technical points. She has the ability, but it seemed like she got caught up in the excitement and got a little lost. Still a good performance, but it might not get her tons of votes.

Sabrina Sloan - "Don't Let Go"
I love this En Vogue song, but for me, Sabrina didn't quite pull it off. Maybe it's because she was doing a version very close to the original. When you do that, you're opening yourself up to direct comparison. It didn't quite do it for me, but she's a strong singer, and she'll probably be fine.

Antonella Barba - "Put Your Records On"
I thought she did better than she has been, but that's not saying much. She really doesn't fit with all the other talent around her, and I think she knows it based on her comments. Though I am glad Simon gave her props for keeping a cool head with all the media turmoil around her.

Haley Scarnato - "If My Heart Had Wings"
This was such a weird version of this Faith Hill song, I had to guess if it was a country song or not. It may have been fun for Haley to sing, but it didn't seem to match with her singing personality so far, and weirded out the judges as well. She is definitely no Faith Hill.

Stephanie Edwards - "Sweet Thing"
I don't think this was her best performance. She seemed to be all over the place vocally, and once again, the judges compared her to the original singer (here, Chaka Khan). She looked good compared to the two that went before her, though.

LaKisha Jones - "I Have Nothing"
LaKisha did a great job here, as usual. I think the judges are sucking up to her a little, but she's still way ahead of most of her competition.

Gina Glocksen - "Call Me When You're Sober"
This was a great performance. Gina stepped up and did exactly what the judges wanted her to do: act like the edgy girl she dresses up as every day. You can't have hair like that and sing Celine Dion every week. It was fun, and mostly reinforced my opinion that she should be fronting a band instead of competing against R&B singers. I hope she sticks around, but I think that she might be a little vulnerable, depending on how many Evanescence fans watch the show.

Melinda Doolittle - "I'm a Woman"
Still loving Melinda. She has total command of her voice, and the stage, and she exudes confidence when she's singing. Not to mention, she's delightfully sweet and nice when she's not singing. She gets my "best performance" award of the night, for sure. I think she is one of the people who could go places, even if they do get voted off.

Who's getting the boot? It's time for Antonella to go. Haley should be the other one, but if it's not her, it might be Gina or Jordin. Whoever makes it into the top 12 should be safe for a few more weeks, while some boys get the ax.

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