Wednesday, March 28, 2007

On the musical horizon...

I found out about a new band the other day that I think you should check out. Chester French is an indie pop duo, not quite fresh out of Harvard (they're still seniors), that makes a sound everybody's comparing to somebody. It's hard to point a finger at just one influence, though. Some are saying Weezer, or Ween, while I hear a little bit of old-school synth and a voice that reminds me of Ben Folds. Either way, these guys are definitely on the rise, with their first album, Love the Future, in the works.

Check these guys out at their myspace if you get a chance. I've got their song "She Loves Everybody" on my profile right now.

1 comment:

Cree said...

They kind of remind me of a modern Beach Boys. I definitely liked what I heard. I didn't hear the Weezer sound, but I am guessing those comparisons will come because Rivers is also at Harvard right now.