Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Manny Ramirez sells his grill... sort of.

Earlier this morning, when I was getting my daily dose of Soxaholix, I was directed to a link on eBay for a grill Manny Ramirez was selling. I'd link to it, but it's gone. It had a couple of pictures of Manny standing next to the grill, and a high bid in the millions of dollars (fake bids, of course).

This is where it gets weird.

I was going to blog about the auction, because I thought that was interesting enough, but when I went back to the link, the auction had been taken down. A quick search for "Manny Ramirez grill" led me to this auction: Manny Ramirez: JENN-AIR Grill Tribute Auction. What? Oh yes, someone took the pictures and put up a tribute page/auction on eBay for it.

So go check out Manny's grill and the pictures of him standing barefoot in his garage.

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Anonymous said...

Too Funny! Ya know, how about auctions for Barry Bonds' hypodermic needle or an autographed copy of Jose Canseco's book. Maybe we can find an auction for Pete Rose's bookie's little black book.
Ya Dig?