Monday, March 23, 2009

12. What's in a name?

I always knew that when I got married, I would change my name. People who know me pretty well know that I'm not close at all to my father (parents are divorced), and I just don't have much attachment to my last name. When I was little, I always wanted a normal last name (mine's a word, but not very common as a surname), and I figured being married would be my chance to have that.

Well, those of you that know Cory know his last name's not common at all! But, it's still a change, and I'm really looking forward to having that symbol of my new identity. A lot of women drop their middle names and add their new last name, so their name goes First Maiden Last, but I'm actually really attached to my middle name, so I'm keeping it.

We've gotten our first couple of cards addressed to us as a married couple, and it's pretty neat. I've tried to practice my new signature a couple of times, but it still feels too weird. I'm going to keep trying, though! It's much harder to get my hand to scrawl something different than to think of myself as a married woman. You write the same thing over and over for 26 years; it's the name I wrote when I learned how to write. I guess just like anything, it will get easier over time.

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The Thrill said...

I bet that's weird. I never thought about how changing the last name would be so challenging, but it is I am sure. I have problems still putting '08 on everything, or even the previous month.