Saturday, March 21, 2009

14. Two weeks

Two weeks.

Two weeks until I put on that white (well, ivory) dress.

Two weeks may be a long time if you're in The Money Pit, but for those of us not in Hollywood, it's not very long at all! It's amazing to me that when he first put that ring on my finger, it was 35 weeks before the wedding, which we hadn't even planned yet.

In 14 days I will marry a man who makes me laugh, challenges me intellectually, understands me, empathizes with me, and loves me, heart and soul, wrinkles and all. We will be our own new family, with our own identity. That part is worth so much more than all the flowers and food and music.

I can't wait.


Jeff and Kim said...

Wrinkles and all? Huh? You have wrinkles?

The Thrill said...

35 weeks ago? Wow! Didn't realize it was that long ago that he proposed, dang!