Thursday, March 12, 2009

23. TYVM

I am very proud to say that we are completely caught up on thank-yous from the shower in Baton Rouge a couple of weeks ago. Of course, we're probably about to have another round from the shower this weekend, but it's nice to feel caught up.

I've never been a big thank you note writer, mostly because I don't usually keep cards around, and I feel awkward because I never really wrote them growing up, either. I've kind of come around to thinking they're pretty cool, though. It's a neat feeling to see that someone liked your gift and acknowledged it with a traditional note in the mail. I have gotten some thank-yous from people whose baby showers I attended, and I really appreciated them. I bought some cards on clearance at Target that are super cute and match our wedding colors, so it's great that I didn't have to spend a lot, because obviously they didn't come with our invitation suite (because we didn't have one).

It does help that I actually have people's addresses now, because of all the wedding invitations. Planning a wedding does wonders for completing one's address book!

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