Wednesday, March 04, 2009

31. Registering... is fun?

Today is the one month mark for the wedding! It's amazing to me that all the work we have done in the past seven months will be finished, and we'll be getting married. Of course, there are still some things to do (I have a dress fitting today, even), but it's nice to see it all come together!

We registered several months ago, but there are some things I have learned since then that I would love to have known beforehand. For instance, when someone tells you that you can return a gift if you want, even if you don't plan to you should take the receipt! We got a gift at our shower that was a duplicate of one that had been shipped to our house that we didn't know about. Now we have the choice of trying to ship back the one we actually registered for (and like better) or try to get a receipt from someone who lives 500 miles away.

Also, I would have kept a list of what we thought of every time we said, "I wish we had one of those" or "That would come in really handy." That's the kind of stuff I feel like we're missing from the registry - like TV trays (which have since been added)! I don't want to add them this late because I'm trying not to look at the registry at all, because people are actually buying from it now.

I am glad we registered early. You do have to watch, especially at places like Target, for things going out of stock on clearance. Just know that if you register for something seasonal, if you wedding is more than a couple months away, it might not be there when the season your wedding is in comes around. Also, Cory and I went to two stores, but I took my mom to the other one. Cory got to pick out stuff he was interested in at Target and Bed Bath & Beyond, but he's not interested in serving pieces or anything by Martha Stewart (though he did like the Hotel sheets we registered for), so Mom went to Macy's with me.

Registering is fun; it's full of excitement and hope and you can have a blast thinking about how things will fit in your new life together. I would just recommend bringing a snack! We got really tired and hungry at the end, because you do spend several hours in the store. It was totally worth it, though.


Cree said...

Howdy and welcome back to the blogosphere. I am sorry that I'm just now catching up on the reading, but I promise to read everything you've posted.

I suppose I'll be talking this journey one day and hopefully I can pick up a few tips and pointers from you. Make sure to include lots of stuff from Cory's perspective!!!!


The Thrill said...

I wouldn't know, lol.