Saturday, March 07, 2009

28. Engagement pictures

We went to take engagement pictures today, and it was so much fun! We got together with our photographers, and headed downtown for a day of pictures. I think Cory and I both felt really self-conscious a lot of the time, because we're not used to being the center of attention so much. I guess we just have to get used to that part, because I'm sure more than a few people will be looking at us on our wedding day, too. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day (all pictures by Charbonnet Photography):


Johanna said...

Awww! These are great. Can't believe the big day is almost here. Wow, time sure flies.

Cree said...

Great pics. I love the one in the photo booth with the photographer in the mirror.

RedBeanBlackBean said...

Awesome! You have some great shots! Can't wait to see the pics from the ceremony. You're going to be even more beautiful!