Wednesday, March 18, 2009

17. Final payment - done!

Well, we went down to the ballroom and made our final payment there. It's a great feeling to have almost everything paid off! The only major unpaid item on our list is just the DJ. Here are some of the details we finalized:

- We're going to have three kinds of wine and three kinds of beer. For the wine, merlot, chardonnay, and white zinfandel, and for beer, Budweiser, Bud Light, and Miller Lite. I think that should hit the perfect range of everyone's taste (at least of the people that I know have a preference!).
- We will have the cocktail area blocked off before the ceremony. Everyone will enter into the main ballroom for the wedding, then go to the lounge for cocktails while they change over the room (15 minutes, I think). Then the ballroom will be opened up and people can hit the buffet or the dance floor.
- Also, for you Memphis fans, if they are playing during the reception, there is a TV on the wall behind the bar, so we will ask them to put the game on. In return though, try not to check the score during the ceremony if you can help it - it's going to be short!
- There is free parking for ballroom guests. Either lot behind the building (or if you're in front of the building, they are behind or to the right) are free to use.
- The menu! We're having chicken tenders, mini hamburgers, Swedish meatballs, a fruit and cheese display, a veggie tray, crab stuffed and Italian spinach stuffed mushrooms, and assorted pastries (which we are told includes chocolate covered strawberries). And cake, of course!

We also finalized the layout of everything. I think it will be awesome! It's nice to have such a big piece of the puzzle in place.


The Thrill said...

I laugh at the beer choices since I won't have any. Those all taste the same to me...not to the "experts". I am sure you are right though, every beer drinker should be pleased with that selection of home grown brew. Same goes for the wine, at least they taste different. The crab stuffed mushrooms sound the best to me as far as food goes. Don't worry about the game, we play like we did today, we might not make it to next weekend.

Cree said...

LOL, sorry Jeff, but those beers are all pretty different. Next you're going to tell me that a latte and a cappuccino taste the same??? I kid, I kid.

Sounds pretty awesome. Did you guys decide on the two cocktails, Steph? Cosmos and Jack & Cokes?

The Thrill said...

Latte, Cappuccino...never had them, probably never will. I am sure they are very I have no clue what the difference of the two are, not a coffee drinker at all.