Thursday, March 05, 2009

30. Fitting in the dress, and fitting the dress to me!

Okay, I won't be showing pictures of my dress, but I thought I'd at least talk a little about how the alterations went. It doesn't sound exciting, but it was pretty interesting, actually. We went a little over a month ago to see the alterations lady at David's Bridal, and I got all the layers of stuff on for my dress, and we went to work.

I knew it was too long (I'm a shortie - 5'2"), but there were several other places that were just too big or too weird on me. I'm a true petite, short waisted and short legged, so she had to pin it on the sides and through the bust, too. Plus, there is an asymmetrical drape over the front, so that had to be shortened since the hem was being shortened. The halter neck was way too big, so that was pinned, and then we had to create a bustle. Mine is a five-point French bustle, and basically the point of it is to fold up the back of my dress so that the train does not drag on the ground at the reception. You leave it down for the ceremony, and bustle it for the reception so you can dance all night without anyone stepping on your skirt!

I got to try on the finished product last night, and it was so worth it! The dress fits me to a T (I guess that is the point, isn't it), and I feel really ready to be a bride. It was the first time I tried it on that I didn't want to take it off.

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