Saturday, March 14, 2009

21. All the ladies in the house

I had the best bridal shower this weekend at my godmother Tanya's house. I arrived early with my three Memphis bridesmaids, Kim, Sarah, and Tammy. Kim ordered the prettiest cake - it was a spring green with white scrollwork; a vanilla cake with almond buttercream. It was delicious, but so was everything else! We had meatballs, taco dip, artichoke dip, herb cheese and crackers, chicken salad, and more.

We played some great games like bingo and had a purse scavenger hunt. We also played a game where everyone had to answer a quiz about Cory, and then everyone got to watch me answer the quiz in front of everyone. I got the best score out of the group, which is pretty appropriate. The unfortunate part is that for every question I got wrong, I had to stuff a marshmallow in my mouth. I could only keep a couple at a time without gagging, so I kept having to eat marshmallows to get more in there!

I got some wonderful gifts, too. Everyone was so sweet, and we got a lot of great serving pieces that I am really excited to get to use. Having showers sure has made me want to host a party of my own. Maybe when all this wedding hoopla calms down, we can have a really great one!

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